The initiative builds on a long tradition of Muslim events such as IFIS- and SUM conferences. The organizers of MFD is Ibn Rushd study association, Islamic Association of Sweden (IFIS) and Sweden’s Young Muslims (SUM)

MFD01We want the Muslim Family Days shall be a natural gathering of Muslims from various groups and nationalities. It should contain something for everyone who wants to become a part of the Muslim community and even reinforce it. We put emphasis on public education and interactivity. In order for this event to become as good as possible, we need to gather, converse and strengthened together. MFD is also open to anyone interested in Islam from a theological or societal perspective. We want to be a part that you as a Muslim, regardless of age, gender, marital status and nationality should feel empowered by your Muslim identity.

MFD02Our goal is not to redo the previous conferences, but we instead take-off from these good initiatives to make this venue bigger and even better. Thanks to the skills of us as organizers and you as a participant, we are confident that together we can achieve it, inshaAllah.